Private pool in Spain: maintenance costs

Private pool in Spain: maintenance costs
14 Sep 2020

A house with a pool is a dream! And it is not too important whether the sea is close or not: having a swimming pool at home not only increases its value on the market, but also gives a lot of pleasure to its inhabitants.

In the last six months, since the moment in which the entire country has been quarantined by COVID-19, the demand for private pools has increased dramatically: at the beginning, in the first two months, the sales of portable pools and all kinds of care products soared up to 350%; And closer to summer, the demand for private houses with a swimming pool or, at least, with the possibility of building it, rose even more. But how much does the maintenance of a private pool cost in Spain? In fact, not so much, since poor people do not buy villas with pools, and for people with money, the expenses are quite acceptable: depending on the size of the pool and the frequency of its use, as well as the region where it is located. find the house, the maintenance costs range between 600 and 1500 euros per year, of course, the electricity costs are counted separately (about 250 euros per year, but this figure is very approximate).

We will see, then, in more detail all the aspects of the care that a private pool needs.

How much does it cost to maintain a private pool?

We recommend that from the beginning you hire a company specializing in pool maintenance, which will take care of the cleaning and general "health" of your little aquatic paradise. This service is normally worth between 50 and 200 euros per month: the price varies a lot depending on the region of Spain in which you have the house (in Catalonia, for example, everything costs 2-3 times more than in the province of Alicante). In addition, the cost will depend a lot on the intensity of use of the pool and, likewise, on the frequency with which it must be cleaned, also the services you want to receive, etc.

What exactly is included in the concept of "pool maintenance"?

Acid-base balance of pool water. Controlling the pH of the water in your home pool is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to keeping the water quality at an appropriate level. If it is below 7.2, it will not be comfortable to swim as skin or eye irritation may appear due to increased acidity. If the pH is higher than 7.6, the water becomes cloudy and algae may appear. Furthermore, the optimal acid-base balance reduces the corrosion rate of the equipment and consequently increases its useful life.

It is very important to check the pH regularly and, if necessary, add special products to the water to normalize it.

Cleaning and disinfection of the pool. At least once a year, it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the pool, removing lime, stains and other dirt from the tank surfaces. At the same time, rust is removed from metallic elements. It is advisable to clean the pool thoroughly after emptying it completely. However, it is possible to carry out a complete cleaning even when the glass is full, especially if it is kept in good condition throughout the year.

Of course, a regular cleaning of the water is also necessary to remove windblown dirt and also all kinds of leaves and insects.

To disinfect the pool water, whether you like it or not, you will have to put chlorine; the most important thing is not to go overboard with the amount.

Pool filling. As a general rule, new villas are sold with full pools and nothing needs to be done - just show up, jump into the water and enjoy. However, in the case of buying a second-hand property, the pool may be empty and also not too clean. According to experts, cleaning and filling a pool will cost around 350 euros. That is, if it is not leaking anywhere.

Leak test. It is clear that over time everything deteriorates, especially if preventive procedures are not performed; this also applies to swimming pools. If you feel that the water in the pool is not only slowly evaporating (which is quite normal under the hot Spanish sun), but disappearing too quickly, then you will have to find the cause - a crack for sure - and repair it. The repair will cost about 300 euros (it is impossible to say it more precisely, since the cases can be very different and, consequently, the cost of their repair as well).

Cleaning and disinfection of common areas. This service is also usually part of the pack of maintenance services for a private pool. The showers, stairs, sun loungers, the floor around the pool: all this periodically needs a good cleaning and disinfection.

In southern Spain, on the Costa Blanca (Alicante), Murcia or Andalusia, it is possible to use the pool practically all year round, as the good weather and temperatures allow it.

If you are looking for a good, beautiful house with a pool on the Costa Blanca, contact us!

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